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We can provide several types of spare parts for the PLC-2 system; I/O cards, processor modules, racks, cables and connectors, below is a small selection. Most parts are either used or refurbished however some are new. Please contact us for more information and let us know what you need.
PLC-2 module

Processor Modules, from $250.-
Processor modules for the Mini PLC-2 (1772-LN1, LN2, LN3),
Mini PLC-2/02 (1772-LZ, 1772-LZP), Mini PLC-2/05 (1772-LS, 1772 LSP), Mini PLC-2/15 (1772-LV), Mini PLC-2/16 (1772-LX, 1772-LXP), Mini PLC-2/17 (1772-LW, 1772-LWP).
These modules does not fit the PLC-2/30 processor.
Delivery time for the processor modules usually is 1 - 2 weeks.
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plc-2 programming cable

Programming cable and software, $485.-
This PLC-2 programming cable communicates via the USB port of any laptop or PC and connects to the PLC-2's 15-pin D-Sub connector.
The cable is a replacement for the ICOM Smart Cable and works with Rockwell A.I. software v. 6.22 and Topdoc ABPLC2.
This cable and included programming software will work with Windows 98Se, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and all versions of the PLC-2 proccessor.
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plc2 card

I/O Cards and Modules, from $95.-
Interface cards and modules for the Mini PLC-2 and PLC-2/30. AC and DC versions. Input modules and output modules.
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plc2 memory

Memory boards, from $75.-
The PLC2/30 does not have built-in memory but uses external memory cards instead. We usually have several models in stock.
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Information and support for
Mini PLC-2 (1772-LN1, LN2, LN3)

Mini PLC-2/02 (1772-LZ, 1772-LZP)

Mini PLC-2/05 (1772-LS, 1772 LSP)

Mini PLC-2/15 (1772-LV)

Mini PLC-2/16 (1772-LX, 1772-LXP)

Mini PLC-2/17 (1772-LW, 1772-LWP)

PLC-2/20 (1772-LP2)

PLC-2/30 (1772-LP3)